20 things that will make your life happy without money

To make life happy we don’t have to do anything extra it can be done easily without spending money.



1- Try to wake up early if possible before 6 AM.

2- Eat breakfast daily.

3- Drink 5 liters of water.

4-Start Gyming- exercise min for 30 min

5-Avoid junk food. Take healthy food.

6-Switch off the internet/ wifi and take time for your self and family.

7- Take a walk at least for 30 minute.

8- Take proper rest (Minimum 7 hours )

9- Learn something new daily.

10- Avoid lift and take stares.

Life happy

Below actions make you life happy.


11- Avoid tea/coffee – Try black tea/ Green tea.

12-Talk to friend or relative.

13- If possible do yoga for 30 min.

14-Avoid extensive usage of Sugar and Salt.

15-Eat fruits / vegetable.

16- Do something which makes you happy.

17-  Smile like a kid.

18- Help others and trust me it will make you happy.

19-  Don’t work more than 10 hours. Keep some personal space.

20- Sit silently for 20 minutes and make plans for next day.


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