Life happy

To make life happy we don’t have to do anything extra it can be done easily without spending money.     1- Try to wake up early if possible before 6 AM. 2- Eat breakfast daily. 3- Drink 5 liters of water. 4-Start Gyming- exercise min for 30 min 5-Avoid junk food. Take healthy food. 6-Switch off the internet/ wifi and take time for your self and family. 7- Take

Create wall in 3ds max

Hi everyone, In this post talks about easy steps to create wall in 3ds max.In my previous I have shown how to import an AutoCAD file in 3ds Max and create project in 3ds Max. Here is the link below for the same.   Also, the wall is one of the basic objects in 3ds max that helps to visualise the three-dimensional designs in much easier way. There are

How to create project in 3ds Max in simple way

Before jumping into 3ds Max tutorials, you should have 3ds Max installed on your machine. If you don’t have it, follow the link which I found is useful. So let’s get started with how to create project in 3ds Max. So, what is 3ds Max? 3ds Max is a professional 3D software to create images, modeling purpose, animation, rendering and many more.Now before we start 3ds Max,we should now how

scope of an architect in india

Scope of an architect in India Well, I am an architect too and practicing for three years. And I am going to tell you the scope of an architect in India that I have experienced through my three years of practice. Architecture is all about shaping your dream, your way of pursuing building and spaces into reality. India, in its growing stage, gives a wide range of opportunities for architects


VISA ON ARRIVAL IN THAILAND  Recently I got married and when we were in a search of honeymoon destination we got confused. So finally, we ended up for Thailand for our honeymoon. Thailand is a tourist place. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, tropical forest and the temples of Buddha (in Bangkok).  I have recently visited Thailand and faced some trouble. It is better to have all the details