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Benefits of Working from Home for Employees for Leading Happy Life

Well as I said in one of my post regarding work from home that it’s a big dream for many of us to work from home for various respective reasons. It has a lot of potential as we have while sitting and working in cubical of office. In today’s scenario, more employees are doing work from home now than ever before. So in this post, we will see benefits of working from home for employees.

From avoiding daily commute and saving time and being more productive, it has shown great results. Also on the other hand, the tighten and compress office situation is something that everyone is entertaining these days.

Also, the survey suggests that “When asked from the people about their opinion to work from home or office. Responses were more in favor of going home and getting the important works done rather than going to the office in working regular hours to get the important work done.

When it comes down to it, people want to work from home because commuting to work, and the office environment, sap their productivity at home and at work.

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Benefits of working from home for employees


Benefits of Working from Home for Employees – Many of us face the problem of having lengthy commutes, especially in metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc., where getting up fresh in the morning turns to a tiring commute by  the time we reach office.

That in turn leaves a direct affect to the productivity of the task assign for the respective day undone. And hence effects somehow our incentives and the overall performance. This is very common senerio that employees frequently face in big cities like Bangalore, long commute and stuck in the traffic for long and long hours.

So you see here I make a point for employee particularly one staying at long distance from office to cut down their commutes and hence saving the traffic time and put that time in their work done from home. And when you work from home, you get an extra hour to work and get something more creative and productive for the company and for yourself too, and is more beneficial for the company also and reduces travelling expenses too.

benefits of working from home for employees
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Benefits of Working from Home for Employees-There are many benefits of working from home for employees. They can also recapture their precious lost time by working a little longer in the evening or stretching their night little longer as per their comfort at home.

Sometimes it gets tough to wake up and go for your job when you couldn’t sleep due to your sick child or some occasion, a previous night, which can be stressfull of an employee to work at office and can also effect the important important meetings(if any). On the other hand you can easily be flexible with that and can plan your task accordingly.


benefits of working from home for employees



Benefits of Working from Home for Employees- While you sit and work in an office and occupied by many other disturbing elements surrounded by you. On the other hand, you can prefer sitting at home and work from home to stay more focused whenever required.

Working from home may seems like a distraction in the beginning. One can easily avoid the distraction at home with due period of time with full dedication and steady routine toward the work. Since we all are different, some of us just can’t do work with a Tv nearby and also with the comforts of the surrounding while some face struggle to stay focus at office cabin with other sort of distractions.

This is all because you can control you work situation in an easy and better way at home, which you cannot avoid at office for instance you may loose your important time while grabbing coffee at work and office politics is something you cannot escape rather you may become target topic for everybody which hinders your work.

All this can be avoided, working remotely which is beneficial for the employee and the company as well!! 🙂 🙂

benefits of working from home for employees
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Office politics is something that kills your time to the great extent and even more when you have the deadline to finish the given task 😛 😛 . We all have must face it once in the life time or maybe more.

Politics in office destroys work ambiance as much as it destroys the individual performance of the employee. One might not be  your friend in the office. But when you work remotely or from home, all this gossiping and politics can be skipped. This cutoff acts as a boosting element in work from home and gives better results. Isn’t worth it?

Src: Dowib Affiliate Website
Src: Dowib Affiliate Website




A big difference could be seen when you don’t have to bear the traveling cost. Commuting is anyway very expensive these days, particularly in big cities when you have to use cabs like OLA and UBER of your purpose.

There are other areas where you can save too as you don’t have to check your wardrobe daily and buy stuff that suits you. At the place you don’t need separate phone lines or office suppliers, money can be saved. Also as you can get coffee and your food free at home anytime to your taste that saves money!!





Benefits of Working from Home for Employees-It’s easy to schedule your work for the day in a precise way while working from home. You get the flexibility of changing the order of the task or switch the task whenever required.

The entire table is yours. Time is yours, not necessary to start your work sharp at 8 am or 9 in the morning. One can work any time for any number of hours. You can work at nights too!! Waooww!!! Well that’s a nice thing happen to the night lovers!! Isn’t it?

Working from home gives flexibility to use break time of specific working hour in any way one wants!! Anything that’s may not be possible during traditional office, anything like sing a song or a power nap for 10 minutes or play a music and move your feet in rhythm or in childcare or maybe be WhatsApp and Facebook at you. JUST ANYTHING 🙂

For MOM’s it gets easy to manage kids while earning money.






Cervical pain, waist pain, eyesight problem, backache are few famous problems almost every working person in facing these days and are known as professional hazards. Being away from home, sitting and working at the same place for long may trouble you with those.

Also due to spending maximum time at the office, you may not be able to eat all essential things required for your fit body. Being at the office also gives you a shy feeling that stops you to stretch yourself, if tiered and exhausted. Work from home takes away all that problem and gives you a better healthy life as you can eat fruits, vitamins in some small interval and do some stretching or exercise or take a power nap whenever required, which in turns results in a healthy life. 🙂 








Working from home and locked in a room occupied with equipment computer etc for hours also gives you a sense of calmness knowing that your spouse or child is in another room.

This is of the important benefits of working from home for employees as it cuts the commute and long working hours at office. you can spend more time together, have meal together. You can be around them anytime you wish to see them or be with them and also at the time of need and emergency. Spending more time to spend with your family can help you feel less stressed, which will make for a happier more productive workday. 


 I also found a very interesting article on Glassdoor for the same.

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