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Gizmo in 3ds Max

Gizmo in 3ds Max Gizmo in 3ds Max,With activated transform tool and selection of an object, an icon shows up, which helps to rotate, scale and move  a selected object within the plane. So basically, it is an icon which helps in transforming an object i.e. move, scale and rotate in the same plane. Also, each transform type uses a different gizmo for the move, scale and rotate (as shown in

How to Move, Rotate and Scale objects in 3ds max

In this post, we will be looking at Selection and Transform tool. Also, to help you getting familiar with the tool bar. Here we will see a basic guide how to Move, Rotate and Scale objects in 3ds max . This post will also tell you that how to navigate in 3d, that helps you to use basic tools in the beginning. These tools will be very helpful for editing,

Create wall in 3ds max

Hi everyone, In this post talks about easy steps to create wall in 3ds max.In my previous I have shown how to import an AutoCAD file in 3ds Max and create project in 3ds Max. Here is the link below for the same. http://mynewsyourviews.com/create-project-in-3ds-max-and-explore/   Also, the wall is one of the basic objects in 3ds max that helps to visualise the three-dimensional designs in much easier way. There are

How to create project in 3ds Max in simple way

Before jumping into 3ds Max tutorials, you should have 3ds Max installed on your machine. If you don’t have it, follow the link which I found is useful. So let’s get started with how to create project in 3ds Max. So, what is 3ds Max? 3ds Max is a professional 3D software to create images, modeling purpose, animation, rendering and many more.Now before we start 3ds Max,we should now how