Top most Qualities of Left-handed people

In the world of right-handed people,where most of the equipment,gadgets, cooking appliances and office services are designed for right handed persons. Although there are ones using their left hand for their work.   So here are some Qualities of left-handed people  OFTEN BORN LEADERS: There are many famous intellectuals and politicians who are left-handed. Out of 7, 5 US Presidents are left-handed – President Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, are few

Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Being vegetarian is one’s own choice. Although going vegetarian has many advantages. It helps in various issues as preventions from diseases, physical fitness, for glowing skin and much more. Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet, provides all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary for human body. Also, many people turn vegetarian for many different reasons, maybe someone is unhappy about eating dead animals, maybe for their moral value or maybe for

scope of an architect in india

Scope of an architect in India Well, I am an architect too and practicing for three years. And I am going to tell you the scope of an architect in India that I have experienced through my three years of practice. Architecture is all about shaping your dream, your way of pursuing building and spaces into reality. India, in its growing stage, gives a wide range of opportunities for architects