How to create project in 3ds Max in simple way

How to create project in 3ds Max in simple way

Before jumping into 3ds Max tutorials, you should have 3ds Max installed on your machine. If you don’t have it, follow the link which I found is useful. So let’s get started with how to create project in 3ds Max.

So, what is 3ds Max? 3ds Max is a professional 3D software to create images, modeling purpose, animation, rendering and many more.Now before we start 3ds Max,we should now how to create a project in 3ds Max and explore the different features of it.

If you are not aware of 3ds Max features, please follow the below link.

New features of 3ds Max

To create project in 3ds Max

How to import CAD file in 3Ds max?

  1. Open 3ds max, a window will appear in front of you. For importing AutoCAD file select top view.
  2. Click on maximize viewport toggle to work on it.

create project in 3ds Max

  1. Go to file menu, drop down list-go to import file.
  2. Select file type- AutoCAD file.

create project in 3ds Max


  1. Import the file and move it to the center of the working window.create project in 3ds Max


6. Set unit, go to customize in top menu bar, select unit setup. The unit should be same as in the drawing.

7.Select the drawing and group it. (group –top menu bar).

8.See the imported cad drawing in perspective view and delete 3d object present in the drawing (if any)

create project in 3ds Max

9.Go to top view again and start making 3d.

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