Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home- Self Examined Ways

Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home- Self Examined Ways

A free choice of work. Working from home is becoming a trend in this busy world. People are considering doing work from often these days. Though work from home seems comfortable and easy, on the other side it comes with a great responsibility. So here we see the real Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home.

 A Vision of remote free morning!! 

Initially, there may not be any team to work with you. I have been doing it alone. Previously I had successfully worked in an office happily. Also, Loved my office, interacting with my office mates, lunch outings etc.

Initially, being alone and working from home used to bug me but gradually I started managing things and working from home and started performing better by my own. Working from home has a lot of potential and benefits. Flexible hours are the best thing about work from home. But yes it is also very important to look after Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home.


Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home


One has to be organized, focused and fully dedicated while working from home. Vice versa, may give you an unexpected and adverse effect.

Sometimes expectation fails to meet the reality. I have failed too sometimes. But I never gave up. Working from home is sometimes seems to be scary and requires a lot of patience and faith. So just cheer up!!

In my experience of working from home, I too have faced many problems. And gradually by times I have jotted down some practical aspects of Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home that I am going to share with you in this article. It may help you to some extent.

Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home- Self Examined Ways

Your DON’Ts


Go and Talk Somewhere else, not at my working desk!!

I have been doing work from home for some time now and I have dedicated a separate space which helps me a lot.

Though I know it gets sometimes important, but when it comes to working from home having a personal conversation can be a big time distraction. As you get so involve while you get into personal talking, it eats your most of the time which is very important.


Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home
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Even if it’s your relative or friends or someone important, avoid your personal calls at your desk. Take a break away and make your calls.



Why do this Matters??

Oh Yes!! Here you are, working from home now!!

Though you are working from your home now. It is essential to maintain the same discipline. For that, it is important to be in the same form, and wear the same office or maybe semi-formal attire as you might not get the work feel in your pajamas.

I am also doing work from home and trust me, whatever you wear leaves an impression. Working in pajamas or flip flops may not give you a seriousness towards your work.  


3. INDULGE IN SOCIAL MEDIA… Say no to Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp

In this present scenario, where everyone has indulged themselves in social media distracting themselves. Due to tight discipline and rules followed in the office, we control ourselves and keep us away from social distraction.

Now at home, you are your own boss. It is on you to monitor yourself. Keep yourself away from social distraction.

Fix you break time and socialize in that time.

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Scared!! No No, don’t be!!

Well, How can you actually ignore this?

I know it gets extremely distracting, which eats the crucial and working time. It may take extra time to complete your work. Hence it is better to indulge yourself into the area where you can be least distracted by your friends or family or anyone.



Although you are now working from home. But do not isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Take everything into consideration and keep meeting people. Enhance your Communicating skills even being at home.

For that, you may also join some classes that suit your interest. Go out for jogging interact with other people.

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Well, That’s not all.

Here are things you must take into account. The real dos !!




Make your Calendars, mark important dates and tasks, keep things simple and systematic, Use to-do lists, file your things. Keep yourself organized and try to be in constant communication with your clients.

Folders on shelves

Schedule your tasks to avoid conflicts.


Try to be more organized about your work and meet the deadlines. Keep cross checking things to ensure you have completed the task in the required time.



Give fixed timings to your work. Set your office hours. Although working from home has a great benefit to flexible your timings. But to stick to the number of hours you fix. It may vary as per your schedule.

Set different timings for replying to your emails and official calls. Don’t just spend whole day indulging into the same.





Since you are going to start working from home. Your very important “DO” is to set up a different office space. A Dedicated and proper space to sit and work comfortably without distraction.

Since your home will be your office choose your workspace accordingly, a noise free zone. Away from your daily conflict, and kid zone area, since kids are the one who creates lots of noise.

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                    Also, if you wish to set up an office space, a proper WORKSPACE follow this.


Sitting at home and working at my desk all day started frustrating me a lot. This is because I hadn’t communicated with anyone face to face. So, you here what I am trying to tell you is “How important it is to communicate”. Lack of communication is a bad thing.

Lack of communication is a bad thing. Being in touch and interacting with people keeps you more focused and alive. Keep interacting with others, keep yourself away from your computer for some time and go out. Keep in mind these Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home.

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Yes, very important thing is to take breaks for your lunch and high tea or coffee. These breaks also helps you to be more focused on work.

Also, meanwhile take out time to exercise and stretch yourself. Take a nap of 10 minutes whenever required.

Src: Steer Career Success

These are some practical Dos And Don’ts While Working From Home. Hope it will help you. 

Happy Reading.

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