How to create wall in 3ds Max

Create wall in 3ds max

Hi everyone, In this post talks about easy steps to create wall in 3ds max.In my previous I have shown how to import an AutoCAD file in 3ds Max and create project in 3ds Max. Here is the link below for the same.


Also, the wall is one of the basic objects in 3ds max that helps to visualise the three-dimensional designs in much easier way. There are many ways to draw the wall in 3ds max such as using AEC design element, standard primitives box, splines, rectangles etc.


Here is a short video on how to create wall in 3ds max:

Steps to create walls in 3ds max by using box command:

  1. To Create wall in 3ds Max, Go to create panel.
  2. Select Standard Primitives tool.
  3. Go to top view and select box.
  4. Click and drag to make a similar shape as shown in the figure.
  5. Set the parameters of the box, make a box of required dimension say (9”x 9” x 120”), as wall thickness is 9”.

Create wall in 3ds Max


  1. Place the box on the plan.


  1. Select the box, right click on it and convert it to editable poly, select editable polygon.

Create wall in 3ds Max

  1. Select the box again.
  2. Now, deselect the three sides on the box except the one that needs to be extruded(For deselect press: Alt. + Select the line)

Create wall in 3ds Max

  1. You can see the leftover line of the box in different color

Create wall in 3ds Max

  1. Right-click on it, click on Extrude (make sure you click on the box in front of extrude).
  2. Extrude detail will appear, fill the required details.
  3. Click on tick mark

Create wall in 3ds Max

  1. You will see the extruded part in required direction
  2. Move the cursor on the axis and stretch the wall

Create wall in 3ds Max

Create wall in 3ds Max


So, this is how we can Create wall in 3ds Max in a very simple and easy way. Also, editing is easy in the described method.

Tips to remember:

  • Make sure to give the parameters of the box in the beginning for more accuracy to create wall
  • Make sure to click on the box for extrude.
  • Make your selection properly, check it in 3d view.

I found this link helpful, hope it helps you too.

Quick guide for 3ds max wall

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