If Silence between the Two is Congenial, Affinity Springs Love Happens

If Silence between the Two is Congenial, Affinity Springs Love Happens

Well, often we get awe-struck moment listening from people about how Silence is used to express Love. I heard the same and was like “Are you kidding me? Silence and Love?” How??

And I thought!

And it took me to flash back and I tried remembering how Silently I expressed my love to my Love, my “MUMMY”, and I Smiled :).  The best felt is felt in silence. 

This forced me to think how love enhanced compatibility and made it easy to get along with each other. And those times of relationships, bond and heart connections that developed because of the bad timings, still Stand Strong between “US”, that’s the power of Love.

And it goes like that with ease, every day with blossoming our relation like a “SEED TO A TREE”

Wondering How? Here I tell You..

I was 26, when I got married. We were so comfortable since the beginning that I could tell him anything that is happening in my heart as if he is “Chaddi buddy Yaar”(a true close friend).

From the time of our engagement, till now! that comfortable space he gave me and his love for me got me so close to him that even if we fight at night I sleep on his hand and tell him to continue tomorrow…. Laughs..!!

He knows what I am thinking! He knows what I am gonna say next and when I say it. He tells Mujhe Pata tha ki tum ye hi bologi (you are going to say this). And yes calls me his Maharani (Queen) ;). and a lot more.

So you see how delightful it is. 

This made me to love him more like a crazy girl.

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Silently he holds my hand and kiss on my forehead saying “I Love You”.

And therefore it is said – “If Silence between the Two is Congenial, Affinity Springs”

There is no blame game. no lost of hopes, no neglecting and refusing each other. No lonely and no depressing. But yes there are always ups and down and that is what is life. Surely it totally depends on you how you see your relationship in Present and in coming years.

This relation has given both of us so much. And this make us to think how we can hurt them? After-all what we all got for each other is our Smile and Unconditional Love for each other.

“At the end I just want to say one thing to him that I Love You and will always pray for you”.



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