Setup office for work from home

Well, it’s a big dream for most of us and reality for some of us already. Work from home has a lot of equal opportunities or even more than going office or going out at your workplace and work. One gets the freedom to design an office you love, you once dreamed off. In today’s scenario, more employees are doing work from home now than ever before. Also, it becomes a

Salman Khan upcoming movies

This post is all about Our Salman Khan known as Bhai of the Film industry. Our very own Dabangg Khan and popularly know as Bajrangi Bhaijan for few and Sultan for the rest. He has already taken everybody’s heart by giving one on one hit blockbusters movies to Indian cinema. Maine Pyar Kiya, Karan Arjun, Ready, Bodyguard, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg and Sultan are few of his many

Dry Fruits and their health Benefits

This post will show you Dry fruits and their health benefits.An abundant source of proteins, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals, dry fruits are packed with essential nutritions. And hence it gives reason to include them in your diet every day. It gives great benefits right from skin to medical benefits. Here are some of the great advantages: Dry fruits and their health benefits Cashews Rich in protein and fibre content

Successful People and their Habits which make them Successful

It is very important to finish your workday in a good mood. However, it is not practically always possible. Though it is very much believed that ending your day with joy and happy mood is directly proportional to the energy level of the next day. The last thing you do right before you sleep has a significant impact on the next day. Here is the list of Successful People and

Gizmo in 3ds Max

Gizmo in 3ds Max Gizmo in 3ds Max,With activated transform tool and selection of an object, an icon shows up, which helps to rotate, scale and move  a selected object within the plane. So basically, it is an icon which helps in transforming an object i.e. move, scale and rotate in the same plane. Also, each transform type uses a different gizmo for the move, scale and rotate (as shown in

Top most Qualities of Left-handed people

In the world of right-handed people,where most of the equipment,gadgets, cooking appliances and office services are designed for right handed persons. Although there are ones using their left hand for their work.   So here are some Qualities of left-handed people  OFTEN BORN LEADERS: There are many famous intellectuals and politicians who are left-handed. Out of 7, 5 US Presidents are left-handed – President Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr, are few

Top Indian actresses and their workout, follow it to get your toned shape

Being fat is not bad. But yes  Bollywood demands good looks, sexy figure, and most important ACTING talent in any actor. But yes with determining mind, self-confidence and Self-Motivation is the Key, one can achieve a toned figure. LOVING yourself acts as a catalyst in this case. Here are some top fittest Indian ACTRESSES and the routine they follow for their fitness. The food consumed in a day should be in proportion

Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

Being vegetarian is one’s own choice. Although going vegetarian has many advantages. It helps in various issues as preventions from diseases, physical fitness, for glowing skin and much more. Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet, provides all the proteins, vitamins, and minerals necessary for human body. Also, many people turn vegetarian for many different reasons, maybe someone is unhappy about eating dead animals, maybe for their moral value or maybe for

Things to remember when you feel stuck

Successful people has to balance both personal and professional life. Life is all about up and down and we have to make sure we should not give up when situations are in not in favor. I have some points things to remember when you feel stuck.   9 Things to remember when you feel stuck 1- Feeling stuck is a sign that you have to make a change. Sometimes changes are

How to Move, Rotate and Scale objects in 3ds max

In this post, we will be looking at Selection and Transform tool. Also, to help you getting familiar with the tool bar. Here we will see a basic guide how to Move, Rotate and Scale objects in 3ds max . This post will also tell you that how to navigate in 3d, that helps you to use basic tools in the beginning. These tools will be very helpful for editing,