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scope of an architect in india

Scope of an architect in India

Well, I am an architect too and practicing for three years. And I am going to tell you the scope of an architect in India that I have experienced through my three years of practice.

Architecture is all about shaping your dream, your way of pursuing building and spaces into reality. India, in its growing stage, gives a wide range of opportunities for architects in various fields. Architecture also opens doors for architects with a diverse range of career options. Real estate, valuation, developers and builders, landscape design etc. are few of them.

Architecture has changed tremendously in the last couple of years, giving a potential growth in both the public and the private sector.

There is always a demand for good architects so as to design a required construction space in an efficient manner. Also with the increase of interest in the area of real estate and building projects, architects are getting various opportunities at its best.

The architecture itself is five years course (B.Arch.). After graduation one can also go for further studies/ specialization in a particular field or subject (M. Arch). Masters in architecture/ specialization gives more working options to an architect. They are also invited to work in construction sites and building structure.


Below is the scope of an Architect in India

There is a wide range of opportunities for architects in India.

  1. Private practice: The most profound thing in the field of architecture is the private practice. If you are passionate about your work, this will lead you to a great success. Also, you get full freedom to enhance your creativity through your design and work.
  2. Urban Designer: Planning and designing of cities, towns, large areas, giving character to the whole neighborhood in the most functional way.
  3. Housing design: planning of a space keeping in mind its esthetics, function and comfort of the user, residential planning, low-cost housing,
  4. Builders and developers
  5. Interior designer: decor the inner space of a building (office, house, apartments etc.), workable and functional without compromising its aesthetics.
  6. Valuation: estimating the current value of an asset/property by a Valuer.
  7. Landscape designer: it’s one of the important field especially in bigger cities where buildings are growing vertically due to the shortage of space.scope of an architect in india
  8. Conservation and heritage: Protection, preservation, and restoration of any building/ structure to retain its original built form and architectural element. For better understanding, you can refer this link also
  9. Real estate: property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural property. (Source real estate:
  10. Teaching
  11. Research
  12. Environmental design
  13. Vernacular architecture
  14. Service design: Electrical, water supply, drainage, plumbing, sanitary and sewage design etc. In bigger cities there is a great demand of good architects who works under this category.
  15. Project manager: execution of a project from the scratch to the end. In big cities, there is a great demand of architects under this category.


Salary of an Architect in India

The salary of an architect depends totally on the size of Firm, the project one is handling, and the most important is the experience in the field. Locality/City of work also plays an important role in one’s salary.


Also for salary information you can refer the mentioned link





  1. Very useful information… Would also like to know more on topics- Scope in the field of environmental/ sustainable architecture, rural development architecture.


    1. Thank you meha 🙂 will update it soon 🙂


  2. Quite an awaring post. Very helpful. Please provide for with details regarding good education facilities and how to work on it.


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