When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice- Secrets of a Great Friendship

When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice- Secrets of a Great Friendship
Yesterday I called my Friend. I hadn’t spoken to him for a while properly. But as soon as I heard him all my sorrow went away. Talking to him gives me a sense of oneness.Here I will tell you Things That Make A Great Friend.

Though we don’t live close to each other. Distance doesn’t matter at all. It has been 14 years to my friendship still, it feels very fresh! Really when it comes to connection with him, sharing parts of my life with the same full stop and comma doesn’t really need any specific topography.

So distance is never a problem if you choose to make effort to be great friends.

Also, friends and their friendships come and go, but then a real friendship never goes away, it stays with you like always and forever.

With all my these years I have compiled some of the ideas that resonated with me and built my friendship.


Things That Make A Great Friend..



This one is the most important factor!! Being with each other even you need it or not! Staying together silently also gives a better shape to your friendship.

I remember long back, I was in standard 8th or 9th. Whenever I used to get tense for any reason or sometimes even without reason, my friend looked at me and giving me smile silently of him being with me no matter what! His smile relaxes me like anything and eyes telling me “Chandani No worries”.

So why I am telling this long back story is to tell you that it is not mandatory that if you have a friendship of long years then only you can be great friends. No doubt sometimes it matters. But trust me FRIENDS and their FRIENDSHIPS are not time bounded.

As soon as I met him in standard 8th and got to know each other, We were GREAT FRIENDS.

Things That Make A Great Friend



I remember my Parents and heard from my spiritual Guru DAAJI that when you love someone your wife or husband or family or even your friend, you should be honest with them.

If if they are doing something wrong, you must tell them even if hurts because you care for them. Instead of dragging things they tell you the cause at that time only and finish it off.

This time it’s not long back (LAUGHS..). Well, recently I got very upset, feeling disappointed. I called my friend and spoke to him thinking that I would feel better.

But a Friend is not your friend unless he pulls your leg or irritates you and even tells you your mistake at a time when you are about to blast your anger.

He did the same and started consoling me and making me understand my odds. He was continuously telling me and I was screaming at him parallelly. Even after screaming and yelling at him so much I love his honesty towards our Friendship.



I remember all the time I got very busy and spoke less to him.

Time flies fast. After 14 years of my friendship. I had to leave my place, my family and my best friend as I got married and moved to another place. We tried being the same. Chatting, calling each other, Facebooking and tagging each other in odd pictures everytime we get time.

Not by choice but gradually I noticed that We communicate less these days. But every time we speak we feel the same way. Isn’t amazing??

Isn’t amazing??

Well, Yes indeed!

For me it feels still the same, the comfort of hearing his idiotic talks, my loud laugh in between, teasing him as he is still Single, sharing nonsense stories. This gives me a sense of true friendship. It’s more of having Quality over Quantity. You may understand this QQ thing once you get a great friend of yours.

Okay, I tell you there was a boy in our class. He used to like me. So, my friend knew he isn’t a nice guy. He made sure that I stay away from him even when we were kids, and it’s true. C’mon tell me who does that in 8th standard.

Best part he is an emotional fool and he never behaves like one to me. That’s his way of care for me!!



Keep sharing everything. Your talks, picture, call, or anything. But keep one thing in mind that Share without expecting anything in return. Share comes with Trust. As you start trusting each other, you share more. You get to know each other in a better way. Believe me Understanding each other makes a great friend.

You get to know each other in a better way. Believe me Understanding each other makes a great friend.

As you go on you will find that there is a person who is there to listen to you. Guide you when you are lost, also can make you smile.



Friendship needs to be natural. Everything comes naturally from inside. When you are with your friend, you don’t have to be fake, it comes automatically. Whatever you talk, you don’t make it, it just comes. And when it comes naturally, you get a comfortable feel with each other.These are the things that make a Great Friend and the best part is you can be yourself. Happy Happy!!

Things That Make A Great Friend

All my these 14 years of Friendship, I have learned the points I mentioned above. And I Feel blessed to have a Great Friend, My Best friend Pankaj!! 

Friendship is not time bounded, as I said above!! You can win any relation if you put efforts and if you really want it to be!! With love, care, Honesty and yes transparency you can touch and felt and WIN anyone’s Heart as I did!! With not much time I am gifted with another Great Friend and a really Great Husband Mukesh!

We often think that they know each other since so many years, they must be good friends. But it is not at all like that. With no time you can rock together and yes slowly over time your friendship get do strengthen. 

Things That Make A Great Friend


Friends I hope you like my this article!! Hope this will help you to make great Friend!! Also Fell free to Like, Comment and Share with everyone you know out there! 




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